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Assessment, Intervention, Evaluation

Thomas O’Hare, Boston College

This title is designed to teach social work students the basics of effective psychosocial practice.  Its comprehensive coverage includes counseling and case management.  In addition, the book stresses informed critical thinking skills that will carry over into students’ professional work. Essential Skills of Social Work Practice emphasizes the practical application of intervention research, maintaining up-to-date content based on empirical evidence.


  • Useful text for BSW and MSW programs
  • Introduces evidence-based practices with counseling and case management skills, preparing students for more advanced content
  • Provides sample assessment and intervention plans for beginning students to use and improve upon in their own field work
  • Utilizes illustrative case studies to stress the importance of research in clinical practice
  • Offers a flexible structure, allowing instructors to incorporate supplementary multimedia materials in their courses



Part I. 
Conceptual Foundations of Essential Social Work Practice Skills
Overview: Defining and Linking Assessment, Intervention and Evaluation  Download the PDF
Chapter 2.
The Relationship between Research and Practice
Chapter 3.
Essential Ethics in Social Work Practice
Part II. 
Essential Practice Skills
Chapter 4.
Conducting the Assessment and Planning the Evaluation
Supportive Skills  Download the PDF
Chapter 6.
Therapeutic Coping Skills
Chapter 7.
Case Management Skills
Part III. Applying Combinations of Essential Skills with Individuals, Couples, Children and Their Families
Chapter 8. Adult Disorders: Schizophrenia and Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Chapter 9. Adult Disorders: Substance Use and Personality Disorders
Chapter 10.   Couples in Conflict
Chapter 11. Internalizing Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
Chapter 12. Behavioral Externalizing Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence
Chapter 13.
From Essential Skills to Evidence-Based Practices
     Appendix A: The Psycho Social Intervention Scale
     Appendix B: The Comprehensive Service Plan
     Appendix C: Guidelines to Reviewing Research

About the Author

Thomas O’Hare (MSW, PhD Rutgers University) is associate professor at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. He has extensive experience as a clinical social worker and evaluation consultant in community mental health centers.  He has published extensively on co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems in young adults and persons with serious mental illnesses.  He is a long-time advocate of evidence-based social work practices.

2009, Paper, 432 Pages, 978-1-933478-50-0, Price: $55.95