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Chicago, IL 60637
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PUBLISHER: David C. Follmer

SOCIAL WORK ADVISOR: Thomas M. Meenaghan,
Silver School of Social Work, New York University

LYCEUM BOOKS, since its founding in 1988, has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of social work education. We are an independent publishing house with the editorial freedom to select books for the quality of their ideas, research, writing, and their usefulness to students and practitioners.

OUR BOOKS are innovative and attuned to the realities of social work as it is today. They explore the importance of theory to practice and to the understanding of human behavior, the significance of different practice interventions, the diversity of people and communities, and the links between practice, ethics, research, and policy. Our books are designed to fit both undergraduate and graduate courses.

OUR AUTHORS are seasoned professionals and teachers who know how to share the wealth of their experience with and inspire those who are at the threshold of a social work career as well as working practitioners.